TCI Ribbon CuttingMethodology

The Corporate Storytelling Method

If you don’t tell your own story, it won’t get heard or, worse, someone will tell it for you — and they’ll get it wrong. Cohen Strategic designs and manages communications programs that help tell your story to your most important audiences the way it deserves to be told. We develop a compelling story by performing a Communications Audit; writing a Messaging Guide; building a custom Message Program; and providing effective tactical execution and support.

Harnessing the Power of Public Policy Debates

Lending a voice to public discussion about timely issues and ideas can be one of the most effective ways to enhance a public profile. Cohen Strategic is expert at identifying relevant and appropriate opportunities for joining policy debates via op-ed’s, speeches, conferences and testimony that add credibility, influence opinion leaders and garner positive attention.

The Press Release is Dead; Long Live the Press Release

It is sometimes said that the Internet and social media have made the press release obsolete. In fact, when done well, press releases are more influential than ever precisely because of the Internet. Press releases help establish an online profile via search engines and links to web pages. They are shared and referenced on Twitter feeds and blogs. And they drive traffic — including sales leads — to websites. Cohen Strategic offers low cost and highly effective press release programs that make sure your message is being heard and repeated by the critical audiences you need to reach.

Content is King

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other digital media can be terrific means of conveying important messages. But they’re only so much noise and distraction if there isn’t a solid message or meaningful news to convey. Cohen Strategic focuses on crafting the message before determining its best medium of delivery. We make sure we thoroughly understand the thoughts in play and the audience that needs to be reached before determining the best way to present the news.