Case Studies

Case Studies of Actual Engagements

Financial Services

Placing a little known asset management firm as a Top Fifty Wealth Manager
barrons A well-respected asset management firm with a low public profile was at an inflection point in its development and eager to gain wider national recognition. By making a case to the editors of a major investment magazine that the firm was at least on par with better known private banks routinely covered by the press, the firm was named a Top Fifty Wealth Manager for the first time. The article, plus feature stories and profiles in other publications, gained the firm wider recognition as a leader in its field and contributed significantly to its breakthrough growth.


Turning a start-up company into a category king
Technology A software company trying to position itself to be acquired had a great product but few buyers. By focusing on the software’s unique capabilities in the property and casualty insurance industry, we developed a strong identity for the company in a key “vertical.” Our work included developing appropriate marketing messages as well as placing stories in targeted trade publications. The company soon established a reputation as a “category king,” leading to its successful acquisition by a larger software company.

Reputation Management

Marshalling the facts to repel a personal attack and set the record straight
Reputation-Management For the first time in a long and successful career, a leading Wall Street figure was confronted with negative press. Much of the story being reported was based on misunderstood, distorted or erroneous information. By presenting the facts accurately to reporters and editors at major news organizations, we were able to blunt the attack. When our client was ready to launch a new firm, we corrected the record about the old story while focusing positive press attention on our client’s new success.

Crisis Communications

Re-directing a damaging story before the annual shareholders meeting
Crisis-Communications An overseas NASDAQ-traded company was facing the prospect of a highly negative feature story in a major Wall Street publication. Anxious that the story would “tank” its stock just prior to the annual shareholders meeting, we successfully intervened to re-direct the story and significantly reduce its impact. Afterward, we helped management prepare and run its annual meeting.

Public Policy

Framing an international trade dispute to help a beleaguered industry
Public Policy A European industry was confronted with U.S. trade policies that gave a crippling advantage to American competitors. Working with its trade association, we created a series of seminars and briefings in Europe and the United States — including testimony to Congress — to draw special attention to the dispute, generating substantial attention among news organizations, government officials and trade policy experts, which helped to force the U.S. government to directly address Europe’s concerns.


Re-launching a major private family foundation
Philanthropy A retired international business leader wished to re-focus his private family foundation as a major thought leader in its area of grant-making expertise. We helped to design a new brand for the foundation, including logo, mission statement and website, and to develop a series of thought leadership programs that positioned the foundation favorably among peers, press and other influentials.